Helveticdata, the simple and affordable Swiss datacenter for small and medium-sized businesses that need to secure data over fast networking.

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Our CLA1 data centre is located in Clarens, near Montreux city, 2 minutes from highway. All facilities like parking place and confort support is available on site.


A rich standardised infrastructure is set to satisfy all storage and data exchange needs.


The datacenter is equipped with 1 + 1 redundancy at all levels, fibre optics, cooling, energy. The electrical supply is provided by a 25Kv transformer station and a 100kVA diesel generator.


The data centre is equipped with self solar photovoltaic production and freecooling technology to reduce the environmental impact.


Rack Space

1/2 entry rack

  • 20U height
  • Giga bandwidth
  • 0.4 kVA power
  • /28 public IPV4
  • Access 24/24, 7/7

1/2 power rack

  • 20U height
  • Giga bandwidth
  • 1 kVA power
  • /28 public IPV4
  • Access 24/24, 7/7

1 rack

  • 42U height
  • Giga bandwidth
  • 2 kVA power
  • /28 public IPV4
  • Access 24/24, 7/7

1 power rack

  • 42U height
  • Giga bandwidth
  • 3 kVA power
  • /28 public IPV4
  • Access 24/24, 7/7

Single server hosting

serveur 19 pouces

We offer a solution for small servers or when a full or half rack is not required. Your hardware can be installed by you or by our ship and host service.

NAS hosting

Nas Synology 19 pouces

We offer a dedicated rack space for NAS of 1U or 2U. You have the possibility to install your own hardware via our ship and host service or to order new hardware directly from us at a best price. At the end of the contract you can always take your hardware with you.

Access and monitoring

Access by badge and code on each cabinet, security lock at the entrance of the datacenter. Surveillance of the site by cctv system.


Receipt of your goods and placing in storage room awaiting intervention on site or smart hand service.


Secure web interface for managing your products, opening service tickets, monitoring electrical consumption

Customised service

If you need special services we can make custom solutions for your specific needs


Internet access

Connection customised to your needs

internet connection diagram

Dedicated internet bandwidth

With a direct connection to the helveticdata telecom meet room, your servers have a neutral internet access. Depending on your needs, speeds of 100Mbit to 10Gbit are available in the CLA1 datacenter.

Tier 1 bandwidth

For important requests it is also possible to be connected directly to one or more Tier 1 operators from the customer's rack.

Dedicated internet bandwidth

The CLA1 data centre has more than 14 dark fibre destinations with 3 separate physical introductions.

Inter DC

Connect your rack to other Swiss or international datacenters with private lines from 100Mbit to 100Gbit.

Direct connection to providers

The customer is free to choose the network operator. We offer simplified connection possibilities with most of the Swiss providers.

schema interconnexion backbone

Interconnexion cloud

Connect your rack to the big clouds like amazon or google

Customised connection

For specific needs we study all connectivity requirements and offer different solutions such as inter dc SAN networks or SyncE ethernet.

Private Layer 2

Schema private layer

We offer private connectivity to the Swiss exchange points like Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne.

  • MEET ROOM Interconnection with different providers and fibre optic networks.
  • RENTAL single rack in shared accommodation.
  • PRIVATE ROOM Tailor-made private space rental.
  • SMART HAND on-site technician service.
  • SELF-SERVICE Self-service accessory equipment shop on site.
  • FACILITIES Equipment preparation room


Ship and host

unbox server

With our "ship and host" service you don't even need to come on site. In your customer area you open a setup order then send the package and a few days later a technician will contact you to start up the system. This service is free of charge for 42U or 21U rack space customers.

Smart Hand

unbox server

With our "smart hand" service you can open a ticket and ask for a technician to do any job in your rack space.



+41 (0)27 763 14 84


1815 Clarens